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Hi Cypress !!
Thank you for taking good care of me. My host family is great!!
Manny is very kind man and good at cooking so much.
I feel I will have a good stay in this family.
Daigo (Japan)

Hello Cypress team,
Everything is wonderful in Vancouver. My host family is great. My room is spacious, clean and I have everything I need. The food is good and I have more than enough for dinner every night! There are 5 students in the house from different countries and I have been learning about different cultures.The homestay family exceeded my expectations
Clara (Brazil)

Hi there,
Thank you for your e-mail and interest in my well-being. I like Vancouver so far, this city is sooo beautiful, only the weather could be better. Everything is fine!! The homestay family is so friendly and kind, I like them very much! So I highly recommend this open-minded and multicultural family for other students. Thank you for sending me to this homestay!
Have a nice week, too!
Greetings, Jonas (France)

Hi Cypress team,
Thank you for everything! I can live a comfortable life in Vancouver because my host family is very kind. I can eat enough food, and
sleep comfortably! Have a nice weekend!!
Kosei (Japan)

I love Vancouver ‘s sunshine :) I want to tell you that I’m very glad to have been in this FAMILY, but I have to go back to Italy :( they are awesome, and I spent here the best time of my life! I don’t know if you can, but if is possible I’d like that you or your staff will send an email to my family to thank for the good hospitality!
Thank you Matteo (Italy)

Vancouver is a very nice city. And my homestay is very great and warm. And it’s not far to my school. It’s very nice.
Thank you for your greeting.
Mohamed (Saudi Arabia)

My stay in Vancouver is very good! My host family is very kind to me and Italian dishes my host mother made are delicious!
I’m always looking forward to eating dinner with them.
Thank you for arranging my homestay!
Lisa (China)

Hello. Thank you for asking my situation.
I am pleased to stay with my host family. They treat me very nicely, I feel to live in my house so I have already settled into Canada life. Though I have been thinking of sharing room after homestay, the family is too good to leave so I am wondering I extend the contract. If I do so, I will send email again.
Again, thank you!
Keiko Kikuchi (Japan)

Thank you for the follow up! The city is wonderful and my host family is great. Everything is so organized and I am simply loving it.
Aramilly (Brazil)

Hello there
I’m Selma Gonçalves. I’m staying at the Pepe’s home in Vancouver. I’d like to congratulate you to find this family for me, because they’re such a great family. They’re very receptive, help me about my English, they are always talking to me. They are also very friendly, patient- a perfect family to live with. Thanks so much !”
Selma (Brazil)

“This flat is great. Home away from home”
Carlos (Mexico)

“You can’t beat the location. My flat is excellent”
Ahmed (Saudi Arabia)

“The renting process was really smooth and exceeded my expectations”
Hazel ( China))

“I love this place. The building and amenities are awesome. I love the complimentary breakfast”
Patricia ( London)